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15 Weeks of Instruction

Today marks the end of the 15th week of instruction for Midland Schools. As a school administrator, never in my wildest dreams did I believe we would get 15 weeks in. I couldn't be prouder of our Midland Community. It takes an group to make this work. From a supportive community, amazing teachers and our awesome kids. Kids in person have done extremely well adjusting to our guidelines and routines this year. Our remote students have checked in, embraced Google Meetings and so much more. Whatever happens in the future, I just wanted to say how proud I am of our schools!
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Upcoming Days

Throughout the first semester Midland Middle School has participated in Themed Thursdays! We have two more Themed Thursdays left this year followed by two Christmas Dress Up Days.

December 10 - Disney Day
December 17 - Red/Green Day
December 21 - Pajama Day
December 22 - Christmas Spirit Day
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Pearce Resource

Pearce Community Center in Chillicothe sent a message to all schools regarding the availability for babysitting help. While as of this writing Midland has no plans to go fully remote, we wanted to make sure that everyone had this resource before the need arises in the event we need to adjust. As always with 2020, plan, plan, plan and then deal with unexpected! Click here for the information.
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Kindness Day

Today was Kindness Day at Midland Middle School. Students filled lockers, mailboxes and offices with positive messages! What a great job everyone!
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