1pm Dismissal

This past week, Midland CUSD 7 had our second 1pm dismissal day of the year. I was talking with a parent after when they asked me what typically goes on during a 1pm dismissal day. As I went through an explanation of our afternoon, it dawned on me that there were others that likely had a similar question. I thought, it would be beneficial to share out what we did. I will try to continue to share out what we have done at each of our 1pm days.
So far we have utilized two 1pm dismissal days. In September, all staff were trained in our new Social Emotional Screening program. This training took the entire afternoon as we learned how to operate the system, how to access reports and then how to take that data and do something with it.
On Wednesday, we had our second 1pm day. This was a little more typical day. We first met in teams throughout the district to discuss a book study. Staff district wide is reading Why Are We Still Doing That. It's purpose is to look at a few common instructional practices in classrooms, why we used them and if there are any alternatives. I love a good book that makes me think and based on my first book study group meeting, I wasn't the only one who felt the same! We also took time to do our first staff SEL screenings. Miss Robison (MMS Guidance Counselor) and I have been pouring over the data since Wednesday. We are looking forward to putting data into actions. Finally, staff had time to meet with their department teams to discuss instructional practices.
In the future, we have a few more meetings on our book study to get through. We also have excellent information from the Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) that we can analyze. It's a report on the most recent state assessment and how we did on each standard in Math and English/Language Arts. This is great data for teams to go over as they plan instruction. I'm looking forward to meeting with teachers to go over that data.
I want to thank you for understanding and letting us disrupt the day a bit each month. As you just read, we've got a lot going on during those days.
Mr. Janssen, Principal